How To Apply CarPro - DLUX - Plastic, Rubber and Alloy Protection - 30ml Kit

Written Instructions: 

  • Make sure the surface is cool and dry. (Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sun.)
  • Scrub surface with an all purpose cleaner and or water spot remover, rinse clean, and allow to dry.
  • Use ERASER to remove any residue left by the APC or oil film and wait until the cleaned area is completely dry.
  • Wet the applicator with 5-6 drops of DLUX and spread evenly across the surface.
  • Let cure for 1 minute before buffing.
  • in the case of wheels, apply to full face then buff, then full rear barrel allow 1 minute cure then buff
  • Allow the surface to cure for 1-3 hours without any moisture on its surface.
  • Completely cured with NO rain requires 24 hours.  (Any water marks from rain must be wiped off during first 24Hrs as a precaution)
  • Never allow highly alkaline (ph12+) chemicals such as non-diluted all purpose cleaners to sit or dwell on the surface for extended periods.  This may damage the coating.
  • Do not use for other purposes.
  • If it becomes sticky and tough to remove apply more dlux over the top and buff immediately then work in smaller sections after this or omit the 1 minute cure.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep away from heat.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Avoid contact from eyes.
  • Wear gloves and face mask during removal
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