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CarPro - Lift Pre-wash - Ultra snow foam - 1L

CarPro - Lift Pre-wash - Ultra snow foam - 1L

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CARPRO Lift is a highly concentrated pre-wash foam agent that dissolves and softens dirt and grime so it can be easily removed during the wash.  Suitable for use with all foaming tools, canisters, guns, and pressure washers, CARPRO Lift produces a thick foam designed to prep the most embattled areas of the vehicle.

Use LIFT to soften bugs, baked-on dirt, and more. Lift is formulated specifically to offer maximum wetting and rinses off easily as well. It is not a superficial high foaming product but has been designed as a true active surface agent.  ?During the panel dwell period, Lift’s bubbles soak the hardened debris and allow it to release from the vehicle with ease during the wash.

Note that Carpro Lift contains the punch of an all-purpose cleaner unless you heavily dilute it.  It will strip waxes and some sealants from vehicles if used at a 1:10 ratio.


  1. Use only on cool surfaces. Do not use in direct sun. Do NOT allow to dry on the surface.
  2. Dilute Lift with water (we recommend 1:10). You can use leaner ratios for a more flowing mixture or a richer ratio for a denser foam.
  3. Allow the product to remain on the surface for a minute or as long as possible without allowing too dry.
  4. Power rinse off.  This completes your Lift Pre-Wash.
  5. Wash with CarPro Reset.


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