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Koch Chemie | Gentle Snow Foam | PH 7.5

Koch Chemie | Gentle Snow Foam | PH 7.5

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The high foaming, pH-neutral cleaning foam with a unique cherry fragrance can be used as a Snow Foam for pre-washing when applied using a foam gun or foam sprayer and as a shampoo for manual car washing. Gentle Snow Foam develops an even, well-moistened foam blanket that sticks to the entire surface, allowing an extended application time. Due to its pH-neutral formula, it does not corrode waxed or sealed surfaces. The Gentle Snow Foam can be enriched with Green Star to create an active foam to quickly remove stubborn dirt and insects.


Areas of use:
Cars, motorcycles, camping vehicles, etc.

Recommendations for use: 
Snow Foam: Pour approx. 20 ml Snow Foam into 1 l water and lather the vehicle using a foam sprayer. If necessary, clean with washing mitts or similar and rinse with water. Handwash: Pour 50 ml into 10 litres of water, clean the vehicle with washing mitts and rinse with water. Also perfectly suitable for application using a foam gun. Active foam: Pour 10-30 ml Green Star into the pre-mixed Snow Foam solution.


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