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Meguiar's | Endurance Tire Gel

Meguiar's | Endurance Tire Gel

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Meguiar's Endurance Tire Shine Gel is a premium option for the discerning car care lover, delivering a deep lustre and lasting quality that can't be matched by other products in the category. Designed to be applied with a foam applicator by hand the concentrated gel solution produces a stunning high gloss finish that lasts for weeks, surviving multiple round of rain and washing without losing its shine.

The hand application process gives you full control ensuring there's no chance for overspray, while the highly viscous gel doesn't drip, run or fling off the tyres spoiling your freshly cleaned paintwork. Formulated from a range of advanced polymers, this gel tyre shine will protect your tyres from the UV damage and browning that can occur under the harsh Australian sun. With a layerable effect that can be toned up or down depending on whether you want a glowing showroom shine or a satin finish is more your style, you'll love using this Meguiar's tyre shine on all of your rides.


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