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Meguiar's | Lambswool Wash Mitt

Meguiar's | Lambswool Wash Mitt

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  • Soft and luxurious lambswool fibres trap dirt away from the surface to ensure a scratch and swirl free wash
  • Non-abrasive bug remover on reverse side perfect for non-painted areas
  • Gentle washing capabilities vastly more effective than other sponges and wash mitts

For an ultra premium car washing experience look no further than the Meguiar's Lambswool Wash Mitt. The thick and luxurious pile of the wool is designed to trap contaminants from the paintwork, keeping them high up and away from the surface during washing to help prevent unsightly scratch and swirl marks. The soft and gentle fibres deliver an exceptional wash, and is far more effective than standard sponges and other wash mitts.

For the best results fully submerge this Meguiar's wash mitt in your favourite wash solution, making sure to rinse and resoak regularly. For those hard to remove bug-splatter marks this mitt also features a harsher bug removing material on the back side perfect for getting bugs off of glass and other sturdier areas, and can also be used on paintwork with very light pressure when well lubricated with a good car wash.


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