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Meguiar's | Perfect Clarity Glass cleaner

Meguiar's | Perfect Clarity Glass cleaner

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  • Pro-strength with a new dust repellent solution that helps glass surfaces stay cleaner longer
  • Integrated lubricant improves wiper performance without affecting clarity
  • Leaves behind streak-free perfect clarity glass with zero residue
  • Dust repellent additive keeps glass cleaner for longer

Superior to your run-of-the-mill household glass cleaners, Meguiar's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner is a professional-standard cleaner that delivers amazingly clear, streak free results. Easily removes vinyl fog residue, road grime, smoker's film, bird droppings and bug spatter. A favourite of professional detailers, it contains a specially formulated lubricant that provides residue-free, sliding capabilities. Being Ammonia-free, its tint safe and interior friendly, while its dust-repellent technology keeps the glass, cleaner for longer. Perfect for restoring clarity to any glass or mirrored surface around the home, office or car.

How easy is it to use?

Spray onto any glass surface, one section at a time. For superior results, remove residue with Meguiar's No Smear Glass Cloth. Wipe with wet side of cloth, flip to clean, dry side and buff dry. Simple!



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