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Meguiar's | Wheel Face Brush

Meguiar's | Wheel Face Brush

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  • Broad brush head design for fast cleaning of wheel faces
  • Rubber bumper mitigates damage to wheels from abrasion
  • Non scratch feathered bristles for soft agitation of cleaning solution on your wheels
  • Rubber coated ergonomic plastic handle for comfortable use

Cleaning your wheels by agitating with the Meguiar’s Wheel Face Brush provides a deeper more thorough clean. It’s soft, feathered bristles makes wheel cleaning quicker and easier than ever – all without scratching and all while using a lot less wheel cleaning product. The broad brush head packed with long, thick bristles makes short work of even the largest wheels, while also being able to reach down into tight spaces – like around the lug nut holes. Protective rubberized bumper stops the brush from banging against your wheels sensitive edges.

This professional-grade brush provides unmatched cleaning action and features an ergonomic design with a premium, rubber-grip handle. Perfect for use on all styles of wheels and with all types of wheel cleaners – including colour activating formulas. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Meguiar’s Universal Wheel Brush.



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